Custom Built New Home


We were asked to demolish an existing house and build a new, 5500 square foot home in New Jersey for a customer who was living full time in Florida, and do it in one year. In addition, it was mandatory to incorporate dozens of antique and historical elements such as stained glass windows, 100-year-old doors, and wooden wall coverings removed from an old church. These items, supplied by the owners, were accumulated over several years of searching and were integral to the project. They absolutely had to fit.


  • We conducted weekly status meetings to discuss any issues and future events. By doing so, this allowed us to keep things moving smoothly and on schedule.
  • We sent daily photographs to the owners, kept them updated on progress, and informed about what was happening next. Phone, fax and E-mail were also a big part of the process.
  • We did many hours of research to find the right process or treatment for each specific antique that would allow its safe addition to the structure.


After just 11 months the home was complete. It stands alone as the most unique home we have ever built. This home is truly a CUSTOM home and one we are very proud to have completed.

Individual Custom Built Home Photos