Custom Large Addition


We were asked to take an incomplete blueprint and add a 3500 square foot addition to a 12,000 square foot brick mansion. The addition needed to include a new master suite and master bathroom, two new garages, and a rear entry foyer leading into a large, new, state-of-the-art kitchen and dining room. Most importantly, the new roofline needed to match the original house, which the architect said he was unable to figure out.


We designed and built the entire new roof system. It took many days of consideration and planning, but we came up with a solution for the roof structure issues. We were able to construct a beautiful roofline that not only functioned perfectly, but also matched the house exactly.


This project came out precisely as the owners wanted. They were amazed at the lengths we went through to ensure that the finished product was one of which we all could be proud.

Individual Custom Large Addition Photos