Indoor Pool


We were asked to build and attach a large indoor pool and spa - with its own bathroom, laundry room and kitchenette - to a house that was once a barn. The original barn was transformed over many years into a beautiful home with an open floor plan and rustic finishes that were in keeping with its unique history. We needed to match things perfectly throughout the project in an effort to make it seem as if the addition was an original part of the structure. As with any enclosed large body of water, humidity is a big issue. Using the correct materials and moisture control system is imperative.


  • We selected a thermal faced bluestone and tile for all floors for ease of maintenance and durability.
  • We chose p.v.c.(plastic) product for all the interior trim work and wall covering details for resistance to water damage, mold, and mildew.
  • We used tongue and groove cedar planking for the ceiling and custom beams.
  • We used a Dectron de-humidification system that was just right for the project.


The owners and their family love their indoor pool area and have been using it frequently for the past six years without issue.

Individual Indoor Pool Project Photos